'X-Men: Days Of Future Past': Magneto Goes Full Heisenberg In New TwitPic


by Brett White

Yet another tweet from "X-Men: Days of Future Past" director Bryan Singer reveals that mutants are not immune to "Breaking Bad" fever—even if those mutants are in 1973.

The latest pic comes as the film nears the end of principal photography and shows Michael Fassbender sporting a killer hat and sunglasses combo that bears an uncanny resemblance to Walter White's nefarious drug-dealing alter-ego on "Breaking Bad." Could Singer be setting up a reveal that Magneto was the original Heisenberg?!

No, no he's really not. But the new pic does show off more of Fassbender's Magneto, who we haven't seen since he got wet and wild with Beast back in June. Check out the full tweet and photo after the jump!

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