Rumor Busted: Simon Pegg Is Not Ant-Man, 'Ant-Nan' Still On The Table

Simon Pegg

by Brett White

If you follow actor/professional fan/all-around geek icon Simon Pegg on Twitter, then you've seen his whirlwind New York City tour as he promotes his new film "The World's End." In addition to being a guest on "The Daily Show," Pegg stopped by for a tour of Marvel Comics HQ, where he snapped off a few pics posing with a couple of Marvel's iconic heroes. Of course, one of those happened to be a character that Pegg's good buddy and longtime collaborator Edgar Wright, director of "The World's End," is responsible for bringing to life on the big-screen—Ant-Man.

This led to wild speculation online that Pegg would be donning some quirky headgear and red spandex to star in Wright's next big film. Pegg denounced the rumors quickly in his usual hilarious way via a few tweets (one with a quick NSFW word), which you can see after the jump alongside the pics that sparked the rumors!

Here's the one that got everyone talking:

But no one pegged Pegg as a fill-in God of Thunder:

And no one had a hunch that'd he'd be taking over for Mark Ruffalo, either:

Pegg's explanation totally checks out:

Personally, I desperately want to see Simon Pegg as Scott Lang or even Hank Pym. He's the perfect leading man for this film, and his track record with Edgar Wright is flawless. I buy that Pegg was just giving a shout out to his bud, for sure... but I can still hold out hope that Pegg will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And if he doesn't "Antnan" sounds like a blast!

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