New 'Oldboy' Photos Reveal New Octopus Character And Bloody Hammer

Oldboy Octopus

by Brett White

With "Oldboy" not due in theaters for a few more months, Collider has posted four new stills from Spike Lee's manga adaptation to up the anticipation. All four images feature leading man Josh Brolin—and one features a pretty charismatic octopus.

While I'm not sure if the octopus is a new addition to the "Oldboy"-verse or not, I'm quite excited to see what delightful adventures Brolin's character Joe Doucett and his octopus pal will get up to! Looking through the glass, tapping on glass... um, well, maybe just glass-related activities. Riveting!

Seriously, though, the rest of the photos feature significantly less octopus and significantly more "Oldboy"-ness. Doucett's bloody hammer can be seen in all its glory in one photo, and another shows off Brolin towards the end of his inexplicable captivity. For even more info, check out "Oldboy's" full trailer. You can check out a few of the pictures after the jump, and find the rest over at Collider!



[via Collider]

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