'Thor: The Dark World': Chris Hemsworth Goes From A God To A King


by Brett White

Thor's coming back to the big screen this November in "Thor: The Dark World," and it looks like the film not only has a new look—courtesy of "Game of Thrones" director Alan Taylor's new vision of Asgard—but it also has a protagonist with a new outlook on life.

When we saw the God of Thunder at the end of his first solo film in 2011, he had just learned a lot about humility and sacrifice. In an on-set interview, Chris Hemsworth touched on where Thor is at following his adventure with the Avengers and as the curtain goes up on "Thor: The Dark World."

"'Avengers' is kind of a side step," said Hemsworth. "This is certainly a continuation of it, but at the same time, you know, Thor's journey—I think—picks more so up from, you know, where we left the first one—about to take on the throne, about to earn him the right to the king. And coming to the realization of what responsibility comes with that. [Director] Alan [Taylor] keeps talking about the dark side of that responsibility and the secrets within being king. [You] become sort of very political about what people need to know and what they want to know."

But even with Thor's impending royal promotion, isn't there already a king of Asgard to consider? Where does Thor's father, Anthony Hopkins' Odin, fit into the sequel? While Hemsworth couldn't say much, he did confirm that the fiery relationship between father and son has changed this time around.

"Yeah, the conflict between Thor and Odin was, I think, so great in the first one, and [Alan Taylor] didnt want to repeat that," said Hemsworth. "Certainly they disagree, as I think they always will at times, but there's a far greater respect from each other. So it becomes, I guess, a more mature conversation, but there's more at stake this time, too. It's not just their individual egos, there's the whole universe at stake."

Hopefully the transition from king to king goes as smoothly as the transition between directors did behind the scenes. Original "Thor" director Kenneth Branagh stepped away from the sequel, allowing new director Alan Taylor to take over the reins.

"We all sort of knew where it was headed, [and] I think had the same want, too," said Hemsworth. "Alan made it, and [was able to] take it to that next level. You can even see with the set design, [Alan] wanted to ground it in a more organic tone. 'Game of Thrones' obviously is set in a reality-based world, but there's fantasy elements which are quite prominent in this. It's similar to what we got going over here."

"Thor: The Dark World" opens on November 8th.

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