'Arrow': What Part Will Laurel Play in Season 2?

Laurel Lance

by Ryan Rigley

With the confirmed list of cameos growing each week, the second season of "Arrow" is already shaping up to be twice as good as the first. Not only will we be getting appearances from Roy Harper and China White. Barry Allen is also set to appear in three episodes of the upcoming season, with the third appearance spinning off into his own "Flash" TV series.

Black Canary, another newcomer to the Arrow-verse, has been pretty much a given from day one of the series. After all, you can't have a Green Arrow TV show without the Black Canary. However, with the news that the Black Canary will not be Dinah "Laurel" Lance, it would appear as though we have a lot more questions than answers when it comes to Laurel's role in the new season.

CAUTION: "Arrow" season one and season two SPOILERS ahead!

For those who have made the perilous jump into Spoiler City, it's been revealed that Black Canary will actually be Laurel's not-so-deceased sister, Sarah. But what about Laurel?

In the wake of the "Arrow" season one finale, Laurel Lance already has a lot on her plate. Not only has her ex-boyfriend Tommy Merlyn been crushed to death by a collapsing building, but she's also recently rekindled the fire between herself and Oliver Queen. Obviously there could be some mixed feelings about that whole situation now—considering the fact that Tommy died knowing that she chose to be with Oliver instead of him.

Moving on, Starling City now knows that Moira Queen had a hand in the destruction of the Glades. With the blood of innocent people on her hands, Moira's definitely going to need a good lawyer. Cue: Laurel Lance. "This season Laurel is going to be joining the District Attorney's office, so she might have dealings with [the trial]," producer Andrew Kreisberg revealed via TV Guide. "Part of it is that she's trying to stay out of it as much as she can, but as always with these things, bad stuff happens."

Finally, there's the whole Black Canary matter. Played by actress Caity Lotz, Sara Lance will evidently be returning from the dead and fighting alongside Oliver Queen this upcoming season. This, of course, effects Laurel on multiple levels. First and foremost, her sister is back from the dead. Although that idea was planted in an episode last season, it stills seems pretty safe to say that Laurel will not take this well.

Secondly, Sara Lance is the reason that Oliver and Laurel "broke up" in the first place. Now that she's back and cozying up to her boyfriend once again, Sara and Laurel are sure to have their fair share of disagreements. "The character [Lotz is] playing is really the beginning of the story of the Black Canary," Kreisberg explained to TV Guide. "Everyone knows that Laurel Lance is the Black Canary... But how we get from A to B is the story of our show."

Sounds like Laurel will be putting on the Black Canary outfit at some point, but how and why that comes into play remains a mystery. Could it be that Sara Lance isn't all that she says she is? Perhaps, the Sara that Laurel and Oliver once knew did, in fact, die on the Queen's Gambit and the woman returning to Starling City is no more than the shell of the person she once was. Maybe Laurel will even be forced to sacrifice her own sister for the greater good.

At this point, all we can do is speculate as to how Laurel Lance becomes the Black Canary. You can expect to receive more official answers once "Arrow" season two picks up again later this year.

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