'Iron Man 3' Featurette: Robert Downey Jr. Plans Stark's Moves

by Brett White

With "Iron Man 3's" Blu-ray right around the corner, it's no wonder that we seem to be getting a sneak peek a day at the release's special features. Following up the first look at the film's gag reel comes this minute long peek at the "Calling the Suit" featurette, which details the elaborate work put into the action film's upbeat opening scene.

Robert Downey Jr. had to undergo training to handle the extensive wirework involved in creating Iron Man's hand thruster effect. The clip below reveals that he even got to plan out some of Tony's dance moves/command gestures, once again confirming that Downey is every bit as suave as Mr. Stark.

You can check out the clip below, and keep an eye out for "Iron Man 3" when it hits shelves on September 24th.

[via IGN]

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