Superhero Introductions Supercut: See Professor X Offer Wolverine Breakfast!

by Brett White

There's one thing that literally every superhero film has in common: a scene where the superhero introduces himself. The folks over at Screen Junkies have put together a supercut of every single superhero introduction from 1989's "Batman" up through to 2012's "Amazing Spider-Man." In the quick clip, you get Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and Christian Bale all claiming to be Batman, and both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield calling dibs on Spider-Man.

The supercut also acts as a time capsule for all of the non-Batman superhero films from the '90s—none of which starred actual big name superheroes. Remember Blankman, Darkman, Meteorman, the Rocketeer, the Phantom, Barb Wire and the Mystery Men? Yeah, get ready for a blast from the past. Also: Howard the Duck warning, everybody.

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