'Thor: The Dark World' Figure Shows Off The God's Golden Look

Thor Figure

by Brett White

If watching Chris Hemsworth swing his hammer around in the latest "Thor: The Dark World" trailer doesn't quench your Thor thirst, Diamond Select Toys gives you the option to take a tiny version the Asgardian home with you.

The figure, which will be available in October, depicts Thor in his new costume—sans sleeves that is. The figure also highlights a change in the god's color scheme; he now rocks gold accents on his armor instead of silver ones. To the back issues—is this canon?! But this change has slipped past our attention up until now, mostly because the set photos show Thor's armor being put to good use, thus dulling the colors significantly.

You can check out the figure below, alongside its base that combines with the upcoming Jane Foster figure.


[via Super Hero Hype]

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