Wonder Woman: 5 Stories Fit For Film

Wonder Woman

by Ryan Rigley

With a "Justice League" movie planned for 2016, Warner Bros. has been doing everything within their power to make sure audiences are well acquainted with their DC superheroes before the big team-up franchise. In 2015, Zack Snyder will be helming a "Superman vs. Batman" movie, which may be loosely based on Frank Miller's "The Dark Knight Returns." Before that, the CW plans to produce a new "Flash" TV series which may or may not tie into the upcoming "Flash" film.

With all of these DC capes flying around, we here at Splash Page can't help but wonder when Wonder Woman's time to shine will be. After all, the Amazing Amazon is one of the founding members of the Justice League and even one of the core three members—right next to Superman and Batman. Clearly it's only a matter of time before Diana Prince gets her own feature film. So what say we start talking about which Wonder Woman stories are fit for the silver screen?

The Circle

Revisiting Princess Diana's origins, Gail Simone's popular Wonder Woman arc reveals a twisted group of Amazons who believe Diana's birth to be more of a curse than a blessing. In an attempt to rid the world of Wonder Woman, the super-heroine must battle talking gorilla warriors, neo-Nazis, and a superhuman psychopath all without her mystical Wonder Woman powers.

Spirit of Truth

Also beginning with a recap of Wonder Woman's origin story, writer Paul Dini and artist Alex Ross bring to life a magnificent portrait of the Amazon Princess set in modern times. From stopping a group of terrorists to acting as an ambassador on behalf of all of Themyscira, Diana slowly realizes her mission to improve the way women are treated throughout the world.

Challenge of the Gods

Introducing one of Wonder Woman's greatest adversaries, Cheetah, Diana has just gotten used to living in modern day society when—all of a sudden—she must face a ruthless enemy dead-set on stealing her powers. To make matters worse, Zeus has declared Diana the perfect bride despite her best efforts to decline his proposal. Needless to say, the king of all Greek gods does not take rejection well.

Eyes of the Gorgon

After Themyscira is relocated to an area just off the coastline of the United States, Diana must deal with the political ramifications of being the ambassador of an island populated by superpowerful Amazons right next to a country obsessed with national security. With all of these issues on her plate, Wonder Woman's enemies take the opportunity to join forces sending their most legendary gorgon, Medusa, to battle the Amazon Princess.

The Hiketeia

As a result of participating in an ancient ritual, Wonder Woman is bound by her honor to protect a young woman named Danielle Wellys. Soon, Diana learns of her new friend's past crimes—murdering the drug dealers who murdered her sister. With Batman hot on the fugitive's trail, Wonder Woman must face off against the Caped Crusader in hand to hand combat or else be disowned by the entirety of Themyscira.

What Wonder Woman stories do you want to see on the big screen? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter!

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