'Thor: The Dark World' Trailer Gets 'Conan' And 'Arrested Development' Spoofs

by Brett White

Everyone had better hope that the God of Thunder has a sense of humor, otherwise he might be tempted to bring the hammer down on a few jokesters out there. In the wake of the new "Thor: The Dark World" trailer, a pair of comedy videos have arrived that take the wind out of the mighty Avenger's sails.

The first one comes from "Conan," where Conan O'Brien points out something that was just a little off about the trailer. What took us so long to notice it?? After the jump, you can check out the "Arrested Development"/Thor mash-up that's filled with enough in-jokes to charm Lucille and Loki both. If you decide to spend your free time campaigning for an ongoing "Thorested Development" web series, I would not blame you.

Check out "Thorested Development" after the jump!

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