'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Cast: From Comic Page To Silver Screen

Guardians of the Galaxy

by Brett White

So today's been a pretty big day for "Guardians of the Galaxy." First there was the rumor that Groot may be the tree that walks like a man and talks like a Vin Diesel, and then there was the first look at a heavily-disguised Glenn Close from the film's first set photos. Then the "Guardians" news hat trick—thirty seconds of the unfinished SDCC footage leaked online, after being captured on a camera phone at Disney's D23 Expo over the weekend.

And yeah, it was awesome. And yes, it has been taken down. But for those of you who missed it, there are plenty of screen grabs and GIFs on Tumblr—because of course there are. Due to the total awesomeness of the footage and our undying love of raccoons with heavy artillery, we've taken the principle cast as seen in the footage and compared them to their comic book counterparts. Check it out after the jump!


Chris Pratt as Star-Lord

The footage shows off Peter Quill's Star-Lord persona quite a bit, which includes his signature face mask. While it seems like it's lacking the helmet portion, the big, circular eyes are still there, as is the breathing apparatus. The faithful rendition probably comes from prop sculptor Brian Muir, the man behind Darth Vader's mask. But unlike the rest of the cast, Pratt's got two looks as Star-Lord. Here's how Chris Pratt's face measures up against the comics.


We know he's already got a buffer bod than Peter Quill ever had, but their faces match up pretty well. The only noticeable difference has to be hair color, since Peter Quill's inexplicably became a blonde bombshell.


Zoe Saldana as Gamora

Saldana's talked a lot about Gamora's look, saying that she's already been blue in "Avatar" and is ready to try on another color. Here she is, rocking Gamora green, but it doesn't look like the character's signature eye markings made the transition to the big screen. Of course, they could be blending since this isn't the best quality photo. If they are, then odds are they'll be yellow as opposed to red, which they briefly were during her early adventures with the team back in 2008.


Dave Bautista as Drax

We've already seen a little bit of Bautista on set, thanks to this underwater TwitPic. Now here he is in full makeup, looking exactly like the destroyer readers have come to know and fear. His green looks a little bit lighter than Gamora's, and the red markings look more like battle scars or burns than the clean-edged forms drawn in the comics. This change reminds me a lot of Mystique and Nightcrawler's transition to film, where unique textures were added to really make the skin color pop.



Groot and Rocket Raccoon

The big surprise of the footage? The seemingly finished, incredibly awesome shots of the all-CGI characters Groot and Rocket Raccoon. Seriously, it looks like the film absolutely nailed these two, which is great because they are easily the weirdest characters Marvel has ever put in a film. Rocket somehow manages to look like a real raccoon and not an extra from "Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked." The Groot we see in the trailer is much more humanoid—and much shorter—than the hulking figure we get in the comics. But I suspect he'll grow some during the movie, as that's one of his powers.


Karen Gillan as Nebula

The footage also contains the briefest of glimpses of Nebula, the antagonistic space pirate played by a newly bald Karen Gillan. We can't really make judge whether or not movie Nebula remains faithful to comic book Nebula, but her blue skin, metal face piece, and shaved head are all present. I doubt that the neon aerobics gear will appear in the movie, though.

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