'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Set Photos: Glenn Close Gets Nova Prime Makeover

Glenn Close Guardians of the Galaxy

by Brett White

And you thought Glenn Close looked different in "Albert Nobbs"? Wait until you get a load of her as Nova Prime in "Guardians of the Galaxy"!

The indoors-only production has kept set photos and leaks to a minimum, but all that changed over the weekend. The actress was caught on camera as the film shot on London's Millennium Bridge, which were most likely the film's first scenes not shot on a sound stage. Close is pretty much unrecognizable in her Nova Prime makeup, seen above to the left, and she doesn't look like any established Marvel alien that I can think of. By her side is a Nova Corpsman, all decked out in a version of the armor that debuted back at Marvel's booth at San Diego Comic-Con International.

Check out a few more pics of Close as Nova Prime, as well as a few glimpses of other aliens, after the jump!

"Guardians of the Galaxy" Sightings in London - August 11, 2013

I have to admit that I'm kinda bummed that Close is hidden behind a ton of makeup. I mean, this had to be cool for her as it's the most complete transformation she's ever undergone (sorry, "Albert Nobbs"! Yes, two "Albert Nobbs" references in one post!), but I really wanted to see Glenn Close in a space cop uniform, barking orders. Close can bring the intensity, but here she looks about as intimidating as Mon Mothma.

"Guardians of the Galaxy" Sightings in London - August 11, 2013

I gotta say, the more I see of the Nova uniforms, the more I like them. They contain a bunch of nods to the comics costume—the differing chest insignias, the subtle red star between the eyes—without being a strict adaptation. The modern Nova armor would look too much like an Iron Man variant on the big screen, and the classic look would work about as well as any character's classic look would. This makes the Nova Corps look like a police force, which is what they are.

Celebrity Sightings In London - August 11, 2013

Celebrity Sightings In London - August 11, 2013

Let's hope that the cast of "Guardians" well get to play outside more, because we wanna see what they've put on John C. Reilly's mug too!

[Photos by Simon James, via Getty Images]

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