'Guardians Of The Galaxy': Vin Diesel In Talks To Voice Groot

Groot Vin Diesel

by Brett White

It looks like those talks Vin Diesel had with Marvel are about to pay off. Deadline has reported that the "Fast and Furious" actor is in talks to voice Groot in "Guardians of the Galaxy," possibly nixing all hope that the actor would play Vision in "Avengers: Age of Ultron."

The news broke on Diesel's Facebook page, which has actually been a constant source of information regarding the actor's Marvel talks. A picture of Groot appeared as the actor's cover page before being taken down. Could it be that the actor put it up, assuming that the big reveal would happen this past weekend during Marvel's presentation at the Disney D23 Expo in Anaheim, California? Well, that announcement wasn't made, and the picture is now gone.

Groot would be a good choice for Diesel; in fact, it's one of the five roles we have previously pegged him for. The Marvel movies have so far managed to walk a fine line of casting unknowns who rise to the occasion and casting big name actors who disappear into roles. Diesel, in my opinion, would have a hard time fitting into either of those categories. A voice role like Groot would allow Diesel to contribute to the Marvel Cinematic Universe without having to deal with an audience's preconceived notion of who he is. They wouldn't be seeing Riddick or Dominic Toretto in tights, they'd be getting a totally new character.

The role is also an odd choice, but not so unreasonable considering that Diesel provided the voice for the titular character in "The Iron Giant." Groot is an extraterrestrial, sentient tree with enhanced strength and the ability to regrow himself. He also possesses a genius level intellect and—for the most part—only says three words: "I am Groot."

The role of "Guardians'" other all-CG character, Rocket Raccoon, remains up in the air, although Guard the Galaxy has an inside source that claims that Sean Gunn, director James Gunn's brother, could fill that role. That has not been confirmed yet, but if slips like Diesel's Facebook snafu keep happening, expect Marvel to make that announcement sooner rather than later.

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