‘Iron Man 3’: Mandarin Hot Toy Figure Revealed

by Brett White

If you saw “Iron Man 3” in the theater, and you probably did judging by the film’s $407.6M domestic haul, then you know that Ben Kingsley’s portrayal of the malicious Mandarin nearly stole the whole film—in addition to causing a bit of controversy.

Whatever your feelings on the Marvel movie Mandarin, you have to agree that Hot Toys has done it again with this new figure. The incredibly lifelike 1/6th scale figure features one of Hot Toys’ most elaborate costuming jobs to date, with all of the villain’s many accouterments represented with stunning accuracy. Heck, the dude’s even got removable sunglasses. That’s pretty rad.

Check out even more pics of the Mandarin after the jump, and be sure to check out more shots over at Hot Toys’ Facebook page.

[via Comic Book Movie]

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