'Amazing Spider-Man 2': Dane DeHaan Makes Harry Osborn His Own

by Brett White

Jamie Foxx has been hyping up his "Amazing Spider-Man 2" co-star Dane DeHaan for a while now, urging everybody to "watch out" for him. Now the actor dubbed "dope" by Mr. Foxx—which means a lot coming from the Duke of Dope himself—has spoken to Comic Book Resource's Todd Gilchrist about taking on the role of Harry Osborn in the Spidey sequel.

The actor, who broke out thanks to 2012's found footage super film "Chronicle," spoke about taking on a character with a rich history both onscreen—where he was played for three films by James Franco—and in the comics.

"I think what this version of Spider-Man does is it takes the Spider-Man characters and puts them in modern culture," said DeHaan. "So I started to look at Harry as, how does a person like this exist in modern day culture—and to me, he's a trust fund baby. He grew up in New York City and he uses his wealth to hide his problems, like he almost uses his wealth to buy happiness. And I think there's a big hipster trust-fund baby culture that kind of fits right into that world. So that was kind of my way in, or start in that world."

While this isn't DeHaan's first time tangling with super-powered individuals on the big screen, it is the first time he's done so with considerable budget and fan expectations added into the mix. But DeHaan applauded "The Amazing Spider-Man 2's" script, saying that it was easy slipping into the character in the midst of superhero spectacle thanks to the well-written story.

"They could potentially put anything out and a lot of people would go and see it because it's called 'Spider-Man,'" said DeHaan. "But the script for this was so great, and it was all in there, so it really was just about digging into that. And so when you're given material where the complexities are there, that's what's fun about being an actor—you get to mine that material and dig it up."

Meaty character stuff aside, it also sounds like DeHaan got to mix it up a bit in the film. The actor discussed a bit of his training, which makes me think that he does a bit more in this movie than the actions shown so far in set photos—actions like getting in and out of cars, walking around with Peter Parker, and sitting in boardroom chairs.

"Well, there are some things you just can't do for insurance reasons, or things like, oh, just physically, I cannot do that," said DeHaan. "But I had a really great time getting into the best shape of my life for this movie, training and that kind of thing—being more physically capable than I've ever been before. But yeah, you have to be smart about it, and at the end of the day, you can't do something that you might potentially not be able to work for the rest of the movie. You have to be able to maintain yourself."

You can check out the entire, in-depth interview over at Comic Book Resources.

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