'Thor: The Dark World' Trailer: 14 Must-See Moments


by Brett White

Hello there, "Thor: The Dark World," we've really missed you around these parts! While next year's Marvel movies have been hogging the spotlight recently, what with their tease-filled interviews and cool TwitPics, we've been anxiously awaiting another trailer from the realm of Asgard. Lo and behold, one hath journeyed far.

Marvel just unleashed a new "Thor: The Dark World" trailer as part of YouTube's Geek Week, and we've rounded up fourteen of the many, many must-see moments from it.


» Every now and then Loki uses his powers for redecorating. Gotta keep the prison cell fresh!


» This shot reveals that Loki isn't locked up alone, as it kinda seemed was the case from the previous trailer. Now I'm kinda interested in watching an "Oz"-style drama set in an Asgardian prison!


» Yeah, Asgard probably has the prettiest postcards.


» Idris Elba! Hopefully this means that Heimdall will get more screentime in this film, especially considering Elba's raised profile since the first "Thor" (thanks "Prometheus" and "Pacific Rim"!).


» Sure he might have been the Disney cartoon-esque comic relief in the first film, but Volstagg does not mess around in this trailer.


» Neither does Sif, but then again, she didn't mess around in the first film either.


» Has one picture ever summed up Loki's personality more?


» The big battle at the end of "Marvel's the Avengers" looks to be as much on people's minds in "Thor: The Dark World" as it was in "Iron Man 3." Seeing Natalie Portman's Jane Foster slap Loki and say, "That was for New York!" was all kinds of cathartic and cool.


» This shot really makes me envision Thor and Loki as the stars of a "Wedding Crashers" style comedy.


» Thor Movies: Bringing you beefy back shots of Chris Hemsworth since 2011!


» I know it's blurry, but there's no way I could write this post without mentioning that Rene Russo gets to throw down in this trailer! Thor's mom is not to be messed with!


» The return of Erik Selvig, everyone's favorite action hero! Here's hoping his noggin is fully healed after getting knocked out of Loki's control.


» Just really cool.


» I mean, really cool. This stinger alone packs in way more fantastical elements than the entirety of the first movie. It looks like with "Game of Thrones" director Alan Taylor in charge, "Thor: The Dark World" is really going to go medieval on all our asses, and that's great.

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