'Thor: The Dark World': Chris Hemsworth Teases Meaty Scenes With Tom Hiddleston


by Brett White

Even if Loki may not be popping up in "Avengers: Age of Ultron," fans can take comfort in the fact that he will be in "Thor: The Dark World"—and he has a big role to play.

In an on-set interview with ScreenRant, Chris Hemsworth opened up about returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Thor for a third time, and just how "The Dark World" differs from last summer's mega-movie, "Marvel's the Avengers."

"And obviously Tom's on set so it's sort of this, this is continuing which is great to have some meatier stuff with Tom," Hemsworth said about his on-screen brother, Tom Hiddleston. "Certainly in 'The Avengers' the stuff I got to sink my teeth into was those scenes and follow up our relationship. And the ongoing sort of question from Thor about what it is that Loki wants, and why, and how did we come to this? And I think we get to kind of possibly attack some of those questions properly."

According to the film's trailer, Thor is pushed so far close to the edge that he has to turn to Loki for help. Does this mean that the brothers will have an on-again off-again bromance, as they do in the comics, even after Loki tried to sell off the Earth to alien invaders?

"I can't say too much, but I think in the comic books you kind of roll your eyes sometimes at the amount of times they're back to being best friends," said Hemsworth. "And so we wanted to keep in mind, Loki did just try to kill you for the seventh time—and Earth. It's a big war... We have a common need or something which, you know, that would, well... [laughs] You know the scene in 'Avengers' when Thor says, 'careful how you speak. He be crazy but it's my brother,' kind of sums it up. Yeah, he's a screw up but he is my brother. I don't think they're back to being best friends, but Thor's at a loss about how they got to this point, because for him, I think [the treachery] stuff came out of nowhere and I think that in this film, [Thor] certainly can acknowledge now with a maturity that he should have been more aware of Loki over the years and where he was positioned and all of this, and why maybe that led him down a certain path. I think there's maybe an empathetic view for Loki that no one else can have because they're not bound by blood, you know."

With Loki half-positioned on the side of the angels this go-round, Christopher Eccleston's Malekith has assumed the role of big bad. Chris Hemsworth offered up his thoughts about how the two antagonists differ.

"Loki kind of had some redeeming qualities at times, and he's kind of lost his way, as opposed to just never being on the right path to begin with [like Malekith]."

A new "Thor: The Dark World" trailer drops this week, so keep an eye out for even more Thor/Loki goodness. For the rest of the interview, which includes Hemsworth's thoughts on new director Alan Taylor and Thor's changing relationship with his father, Odin, check out the full report over on ScreenRant.

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