'Walking Dead': New Featurette Reveals Secrets Of Michonne's Pet Zombies

by Brett White

Michonne became an instantly iconic character after debuting on the cover of "Walking Dead" #19, with her katana and zombie accompaniment setting her apart from everyone else in Rick's crew. So when the character slashed her way onto the small screen in AMC's "The Walking Dead," fans everywhere wondered how they would bring the character's armless and leashed undead companions to—for lack of a better word—life.

In a featurette included on the series' season 3 DVD and Blu-ray box set—due out on August 27th—executive producer Gale Anne Hurd and executive producer/special effects supervisor Greg Nicotero reveal just how they transformed actors Theshay West and Moses J. Moseley into Danai Gurira's sidekicks. Hint: it involves a few prosthetics, a lot of fake blood, and some stylish blue sleeves. Check out the whole video below!

[via Yahoo!]

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