Comics On TV: 'Wonder Woman'

Wonder Woman

by Ryan Rigley

A while back, the CW had plans to produce a Wonder Woman TV series entitled "Amazon," in the same vein as their Superman series "Smallville." However, now that the "Flash" TV series has been appropriately placed on the fast-track towards production, it would appear as though all "Amazon" efforts have been put on hold for the time being.

This, of course, does not mean that the "Amazon" series has been canned. On the contrary, with Warner Bros. and DC's plans to make a "Justice League" movie, re-introducing Wonder Woman via TV series seems like a fairly safe bet to make. As some of you may recall, this won't be the first time that Wonder Woman has graced the small screen. Back in the 70's, Wonder Woman was the star of her own successful prime time TV series!

Series Statistics

Network: ABC/CBS

Broadcast Date: 1975 - 1979

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 59

After the moderately successful—and non-traditional—"Wonder Woman" pilot premiered in 1974, ABC commissioned yet another "Wonder Woman" pilot—but this time made the title character more faithful to her comic book counterpart. Dubbed "The New, Original Wonder Woman," the series saw 1972 Miss World USA Lynda Carter as Diana Prince a.k.a. the Amazonian super-heroine known as Wonder Woman.

Like the original Wonder Woman comics, the series took place during the events of World War II with Diana joining the Navy and Nazis being the main antagonists. Although the first season of the series was hit, ABC was reluctant to renew the show due to the fact that it was a period piece and would cost them a lot of additional money. With that, then-president of Warner Bros. Jerry Lieder went to CBS with the suggestion of shifting the series to present day 1970's. CBS agreed and the series went on to spur two more seasons.

Notable Episodes

The New, Original Wonder Woman

After his airplane crash lands on Paradise Island, Air Force pilot Steve Trevor is nursed back to health by an Amazonian princess named Diana. After a series of Olympic style games, Diana wins the right to escort Steve back to America wherein she becomes a Naval officer by day/super-heroine by night.

The Feminum Mystique

In an attempt to uncover the Amazonian mineral known as feminum (what Wonder Woman's bracelets are made out of), the Nazis trick Wonder Girl into revealing the location of Paradise Island. With the Nazis enslaving their Amazonian sisters, Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl team up to rid their home of the Nazis once and for all.

Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua

An animal behavior specialist and secret Nazi conspirator kidnaps a super-strong gorilla named Gargantua and uses it to rescue a Nazi agent being held captive by the United States. Wonder Woman must fight the Nazi gorilla in order to protect her new country's secrets and integrity.

The Deadly Toys

A toymaker builds a robotic double of Wonder Woman and uses it to frame her. As the real Wonder Woman investigates, she is injected with a toy butterfly and knocked unconscious. When Wonder Woman awakes, she must face off against her robotic double.

The Boy Who Knew Her Secret

Diana travels to a small town that has been hypnotized by mysterious pyramid-shaped UFOs. While helping Diana with the case, a young boy named Skip accidentally discovers that she is, in fact, Wonder Woman. Subsequently, the two must work together in order to prevent an alien invasion.

Not completely convinced that "Wonder Woman" was a wonderful show? Well then, check out this clip of Wonder Woman skateboarding:

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