New 'Chew' Animated And Live-Action Adaptations Are In The Works


Tony Chu is getting another shot at the screen.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that "Chew" is in line for another adaptation, after a planned television series at Showtime fell through. The Image Comics series from John Layman and Rob Guillory is now getting another chance through Quality Transmedia's Jeff Krelitz, who is producing an animated version of the food-centric detective series, with a live-action television adaptation still in development.

"We think there is less chance for Hollywood to f*** it up if we pursue a CHEW animated route," Layman said on Twitter, later adding, "A CHEW cartoon does not negate live action down the road."

"Chew" centers on Tony Chu, a detective and a cibopath — someone who can glean psychic information from anything (and anyone) he eats, except beets. He's one of a few special individuals with food-centric abilities. Another is food critic Amelia Mintz, a saboscrivner, which means she writes about food so accurately that her readers can literally taste the experience.

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