China White Set To Return For 'Arrow' Season Two

China White

Oliver Queen will have some new and exciting characters entering his life very soon — folks like Barry Allen, for instance — but he can't afford to forget about old foes, either.

"Arrow" producer Marc Guggenheim told that Kelly Hu is back in the fold as China White, the Triad assassin who gave Queen so much hell throughout the show's first season. She'll return in the second episode of season two.

"She not only comes back, but we were dead-set on not just bringing back China White, but bringing back China White and showing her in a new way and with a new dimension than just what we did last year," said Guggenheim. "There's no point in bringing her back, just to repeat same-old, same-old. We do one new scene where you go, 'Ooh! That's a China White we didn't see last year.'"

Guggenheim added that fans can expect to see even more villains from season one as new bad guys are introduced in season two, further expanding the "Arrow" universe in the process.

"That's part of the fun of the show," he said. "The superhero mythos, the rogues' gallery. I think we've done a fairly okay job of rounding out his rogues' gallery, and it's about building onto that in Season 2."

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