'Guardians Of The Galaxy' TwitPic: Drax Heads Underwater

Dave Bautista

by Brett White

The cast of "Guardians of the Galaxy" is hard at work following their triumphant appearance at San Diego Comic-Con a few weeks ago, and Dave Bautista's Twitter feed is quickly becoming the one to watch.

The wrestler-turned-actor keeps his hundreds of thousands of followers updated on his "Guardians" shooting schedule—at least as updated as he can while shooting a movie that's shrouded in secrecy. One of his most recent tweets, however, reveals what could be a plot point from Marvel's first space saga. The TwitPic shows Bautista engaged in some underwater training. Check out the whole tweet after the jump!

The tweet's text humorously simulates a conversation between Bautista and director James Gunn wherein Bautista frames the training as part of a campaign to play Marvel's undersea ruler, Namor. And yes, I just drained the fun tweet of all it's comedic power by explaining it in a dry sentence. I killed the funny. But what scene could Bautista be prepping for? Could one of their spaceships flood, or will the fugitive heroes find themselves under the sea?

One more interesting thing about this TwitPic: thanks to the water and lightning, Bautista looks as green as the character he plays in "Guardians." With the film shooting on closed sound stages, this is the closest we've come to seeing what any of the actors will look like in the final product.

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