'X-Men: Days Of Future Past' TwitPic: Mystique Gets A Leg Up


by Brett White

"X-Men: Days of Future Past" is still shooting up in Canada currently, despite the efforts of Trask Industries to put a stop to all things mutant-related. This past weekend, while the X-Man Wolverine's latest movie was unleashed on the public, director Bryan Singer apparently spent some time working with Jennifer Lawrence, who reprises her role as the Mystique of yesteryear. He tweeted:

After the jump, we have some photographic evidence of the shoot, featuring one of Mystique's violent limbs.

So that guy didn't stand a chance, right? It looks like Lawrence's version of Mystique has become familiar with a few of the moves her adult self—played by Rebecca Romijn—used in the original "X-Men" films. It's also weird to note that it looks like the scene takes place indoors, due to the curtains... but it's snowing? Weirder things have happened in an X-Men movie, though, so a little indoor snow is nothing to be shocked about.

In other Jennifer Lawrence news, the actress won an Academy Award in between X-Movies—and that's something that Trask Industries' unofficial (?) Twitter account just can't stand.

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