Wonder Woman 'Amazon' Pilot On Hold At The CW


by Brett White

Collider has provided a transcript of the CW's TCA presentation, thus confirming what people have been assuming since the possibility of a "Flash" TV series was announced: the Wonder Woman pilot—entitled "Amazon"—has been put on hold.

"Amazon is on pause right now," said CW President Mark Pedowitz during the presentation. "The script isn't quite where we want it. It's an iconic DC character, and we are not going to put it on unless it works. And now, having the DC universe expand, with the origins of Black Canary coming on this year [in 'Arrow'], as well as potential origins of the Flash, it's better to wait and get it right."

Okay, sure, Pedowitz is right that Wonder Woman is a character that should be handled with care. Considering that the character hasn't appeared on any screen as a flesh and blood person since Lynda Carter hung up the star-spangled shorts in the late '70s, doing the hero justice is important. This is sad news, though, considering that the once scrapped pilot was back up and running just a few months ago.

It's kind of a head-scratcher, actually. I get that Flash has super-speed, but how did he effectively cut Wonder Woman in the imaginary line for comic-to-TV adaptations? To get a bit op-ed here, Barry Allen isn't the most complex character. He's another white guy with powers who works as a forensics scientist. Aside from the powers part, CBS has built their television dynasty on Barry Allens. He translates super easily.

But—and here's where it gets op-ed-ish—he only translates easily because television is super into showing the happenings of white dudes with a law enforcement background. Wonder Woman is not confusing. People can accept that Wonder Woman is from an island of powerful, peaceful female warriors just as easily as they can accept literally everything to ever appear on "Lost." Heck, "Person of Interest" and "Burn Notice" have as high or higher concepts than Wonder Woman. So what's the real problem? Is it the whole female lead thing, still? TV has given us a lot of strong female protagonists ("Buffy," "Alias," "The Good Wife," "Parks and Recreation," etc.), but that didn't stop David E. Kelly from kinda... missing the point with the pilot he failed to convince NBC to pick up.

Still, "Amazon" shouldn't be a hard sale. It's an action show, like "Arrow." It's most likely a "Year One" style story too, so the Diana in that show can be a proto-Diana, one that doesn't behave like the one in the comics, but yet is primed to grow into that character. So yeah, there's not even pressure to make it like the comics because the whole conceit of the show is origin-based. Is the hang up that they're worried about appealing to women? Or men? Or what? There were no answers to those questions, and Wonder Woman continues to languish in development while the Flash gets both the go-ahead for a movie and a television series.

You're sitting on the most well-known female superhero in history, DC. Do something with her, or you're going to let Black Widow run away with that title.

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