CW Fast Tracks 'Flash' Series To Spin Out Of 'Arrow'


by Brett White

Not so fast, movies! Television may have plans DC Comics' scarlet speedster, as Deadline has reported that the Flash is being eyed as the lead of a new CW TV series. The news comes just after Warner Bros. announced that a Flash feature film could very well follow up the in-development "Superman vs. Batman," but it looks like fans might get to see the hero in live action before then.

According to Deadline, a series starring the super fast protagonist has been appropriately 'fast' tracked at the network, and "Arrow" co-creators Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg seem to be behind the wheel, alongside director David Nutter. Berlanti and Kreisberg are expected to write the pilot—and potentially introduce the character during "Arrow's" second season—and Nutter is said to be attached to direct. Joining them is Geoff Johns, the superstar comic book writer who has one fan favorite run on "The Flash" comic under his belt.

The move is only surprising because it seemed like there were big screen plans for the character. It makes total sense for DC and Warner Bros. to launch another television series following "Arrow's" surprise success. It was one of the only legitimate breakout hits of last season, on any network, and is one of the CW's biggest shows right now. Fans may be clamoring for more big screen action reminiscent of the Marvel movies, but with this second series DC could easily build a television universe that would be similarly groundbreaking.

The real question is what this means for the proposed Flash feature film. Will DC halt the film's development in favor of the TV show? Will they go ahead with it, and possibly have the film tie into the show? Or will they launch a Flash feature film starring a different actor and set in a different continuity than the TV show? The latter is most likely, I'd say, and DC has done that before ("Superman Returns" hit theaters while "Smallville" was on the air). But is it possible—or even wise—for the company to try to expand two different universes at the same time? Marvel's playing it safe and having their television show tie into their movie-verse. Is DC ready to manage both TV and movie universes?

More news is expected to come out of the CW's TCA presentation today, so some answers are expected soon.

[via Deadline]

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