'Oldboy' Release Date Pushed Back To November


by Brett White

Good news for people that wanted to watch a violent revenge film starring a hammer wielding protagonist with their family over Thanksgiving vacation! Spike Lee's "Oldboy" adaptation has been bumped back from it's original October 25th release date to November 27th. It looks like vengeance isn't the only thing Josh Brolin's hungry for now!

Because he's also hungry for turkey. Because, again, Thanksgiving. Listen, not every joke is a winner. Or even a joke.

This is the second time the film has been pushed back; the film was originally slated for October 11th but was bumped back to the end of October, appropriately closer to the much more bloody holiday, Halloween.

No reason has been given for the bump back, but this news definitely comes as a bit of a bummer following the release of the film's first trailer. From the looks of that trailer, the film seems to not be holding anything back, and might end up being even more intense than the original 2003 South Korean film.

"Oldboy" follows the journey of business man Joseph Doucett as he is inexplicably captured, imprisoned for twenty years, and then mysteriously dumped in the middle of nowhere to go about his life. The film's poster captures this moment from the film gorgeously, which shows just how visually striking the film promises to be. From that point on, Doucett vows to find his captor and make him pay.

"Oldboy" now hits theaters on Wednesday, November 27th.

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