'Fables' Artist Reveals The Two Characters The Adaptation Must Have


by Brett White

There hasn't been much to report on the "Fables" front since the mature readers title was put in development almost two months ago over at Warner Bros. Now io9 has a video interview with longtime "Fables" artist Mark Buckingham who shared his opinion on what the adaptation absolutely has to have in order to really feel like "Fables."

"I think if it doesn't have Snow White and Bigby [Wolf] in it, then... [that's a problem]," Buckingham told io9. "They were such a core element of the first 50 issues of the story. So I think their romance, their relationship, is a really core aspect of the series. Beyond that, the beauty of 'Fables' is it has such a rich cast, and you can really cherry-pick a lot of different aspects from it, and create a really good story, even if you don't necessarily follow the entire narrative."

The "Fables" universe has grown to rival that of the entire DC superhero universe, which makes sense considering that the title counts pretty much every fairy tale character created across the world in its cast—and plenty of original characters too.

"Fables" has been running since 2002 and produced over 130 issues, not including any of its spinoff series like "Jack of Fables" and "Fairest." Pinpointing one story to tell in one film seems like a rather daunting task, especially considering that the comic's first main storyline—involving the return of the mysterious and dangerous Adversary—took about 75 issues to tell. That's a lot of story for a movie.

No actors have been cast yet and the project is still very much in the development phase over at Warner Bros. Nikolaj Arcel ("A Royal Affair") will direct, with Jeremy Slater handling the screenplay. You can check out the entire interview with Mark Buckingham, including the video and the artist's thoughts on just how close he thinks the film should stick to his visual aesthetic, over at io9.

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