Mark Millar Says Fox Have '5 To 10 Golden' X-Franchises


by Brett White

Fans who saw "The Wolverine" over this past weekend know that Fox Studios is once again paying significant attention towards their X-Men properties. "X-Men: Days of Future Past" will bring entire casts from different films together in one movie, the way that "Avengers" assembled solo heroes. Following that, an "X-Force" film is on the horizon—one that may or may not tie into the end of "Days of Future Past." Considering the runaway success that Marvel Studios has had with its cinematic universe, and now that it seems like DC is going the same way, it would make sense for Fox to structure its X-Men franchise in a similar way.

Collider caught up with Mark Millar—Fox's creative consultant on all things Marvel—at San Diego Comic-Con and asked if Fox had plans to develop their Marvel properties. Check out his answer—and the whole interview video, which includes extensive "Kick-Ass 2" musings—below!

"They're aware of [the potential]," said Millar. "I think at the moment though, what you've got to do is you've got to be smart about it. You've got to grow things organically. I'm not talking crossovers and all that kind of stuff yet. The idea is to just build everything up quietly in its own way and bring in the best possible talent."

I don't know if I'd call "Days of Future Past" a "quiet" movie, to paraphrase Millar. Reuniting the original "X-Men" cast on the big screen after eight years away is a pretty loud thing to do. In fact, I'm kind of curious as to what Millar and Fox would consider a big movie is "DOFP" is just an organic growth and also not a crossover. What could Fox have in store for the X-Men?

"Marvel sold the X-Men franchise off to Fox back in the '90s when they needed the cash," explained Millar. "You have to remember that [the X-Men] were the crown jewels. The reason they got snapped up was they were Marvel's biggest-selling book for twenty years. You're sitting on a goldmine there. We're all talking about, very vaguely, lots of possibilities. I think there's a good five to ten potential golden franchises in there."

I definitely agree with that assessment, and Fox has proven that they can get audiences to care about films without big name mutants attached ("X-Men: First Class") and quieter, character-driven films with only one real celebrity in the mix ("The Wolverine"). While neither of those movies are "Iron Man 3" level successes, they are successes, and if Fox can make a decent "X-Force" movie, the studio and franchise could be in great shape.

I previously wrote about where the X-Franchise could go following "Days of Future Past." One of them is happening, so maybe a few of the other selections are one of Millar's "golden franchises."

[via Collider]

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