'Secret Service' Locks In Michael Caine, Chases Taron Egerton For Lead Role

Secret Service

by Brett White

As director Matthew Vaughn's adaptation of Mark Miller and Dave Gibbons' "Secret Service" edges closer to the start of its production, the film's cast has started to firm up. Millar confirmed Colin Firth's involvement in an interview with /Film, and dropped another name that should make comic book movie fans happy.

"Michael Caine is the head of this spy organization," said Millar. "Colin Firth is the senior guy, and a new young guy coming in who's [unintelligible]. So it's 'My Fair Lady' meets James Bond. It's... I don't know what Americans would call it, but a chav, the street kids, somebody who's a kind of hoodie or something. It's a scummy kid who's being trained to be a British gentleman spy."

And just who will play that hoodie chav from the streets (I used all that slang super correctly)?

Variety reported yesterday that newcomer Taron Egerton is Vaughn's favorite following his meetings with a few other actors—Jack O'Connell, John Boyega and Christian Cooke. Egerton has come out of nowhere with only a few episodes of the British series "Inspector Lewis" on his resume.

With production expected to begin this fall, so more casting announcements are expected. Emma Watson and Bella Heathcote are being sought for another lead role, and Vaughn hopes to land a big name for the film's villain—both Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio have passed, to give you an idea of how big Vaughn hopes to go.

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