'The Wolverine': Famke Janssen Struggled To Keep Jean Grey's Role Secret

by Brett White

While "The Wolverine" may be another one of the titular character's solo outings, he does have one X-Man by his side... sort of. Thanks to the trailers and character posters, it's now common knowledge that Famke Janssen returns in "The Wolverine" as Jean Grey. But that definitely was not always the case.

"The studio called me and said it's a big secret, we want to keep it a secret, can we do this?," Janssen tells MTV News' Josh Horowitz. "Of course they have an entire crew knowing about it and nobody's supposed to leak it, and you hope that it doesn't happen. And they still have to fly you to Sydney and, you know, be on a plane with people and then land there. So it's a lot of hurdles to go through, but we went through all of them."

In the full interview below, Janssen also discusses the many iterations of Jean Grey she's played in the past—including the one that gets to hop in bed with Hugh Jackman in this film. Check it out!

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