'The Wolverine' Exclusive: Hugh Jackman Reveals His Favorite Fight Scene

by Brett White

This year's San Diego Comic-Con International was only the second time that Hugh Jackman has made an appearance promoting a mutant film, and he's particularly proud to be doing so for "The Wolverine."

"When I come here for a movie other than Wolverine, I want to say to whoever's bringing me here, 'Just don't, because you're going to get frustrated,'" Jackman told MTV News' Josh Horowitz. "No matter what I'm talking about, there's going to be twenty Wolverines down the front row, just going, '[insert Wolverine imitation here].'"

The con was also primed for promoting "The Wolverine" with the film set to open the following weekend (a.k.a. "tonight at midnight"), and anticipation for the film is running high. Jackman teased his favorite fight scene in the film, which is one we've already gotten a glimpse of.

"I love seeing the bullet train sequence," says Jackman. "There's been millions of fight sequences on trains—but none at that speed." Check out the full interview below for further info on the train fight and more!

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