'Avengers: Age Of Ultron': Samuel L. Jackson Remains Tight-Lipped About Vision Rumors

by Brett White

The name is out! The Avengers sequel is subtitled "Age of Ultron," as Joss Whedon revealed during Saturday's soon-to-be-historic Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con. But there were a few people who weren't able to keep up with the constantly updating livefeed of announcements—those backstage at the Hall H panel.

That included Samuel L. Jackson, who had to have the news reported to him by MTV News during the following red carpet.

"Joss is giving out that kind of information?" asked Jackson after hearing the news. He then turned the questioning back on Horowitz, asking "What do you think that could be about?" Horowitz used the opportunity to bring up all of the rumors surrounding Vin Diesel—who is rumored to be up for the Vision.

Jackson seemed suspicious about this, possibly saying a lot... with his eyes. Just watch and see for yourself in the full interview below!

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