Witchblade Heads To 'The Darkness' Movie


There is no darkness without light. Likewise, there is no "Darkness" movie without Sara Pezzini.

Marc Silvestri told MTV Geek at Comic-Con that the "Darkness" movie has a major role for Sara Pezzini, better known as Witchblade, one of Top Cow's flagship characters. According to Silvestri, including Pezzini in the first big-screen take on Jackie Estacado was a no-brainer.

"It just became more and more apparent as we were telling Jackie's story about 'The Darkness' and the dark and light and how much they've intertwined over the years in the comic books," he said. "Jackie has that mob connection which we explore in the movie because it's an origin film. It makes sense to have a cop. And who do we know that's a cop in the Top Cow universe? Sara Pezzini, wielder of the Witchblade."

Estacado and Pezzini have a long and storied history with each other in the pages of Top Cow's comic books. Including the mythically-powered detective in the "Darkness" movie not only makes sense on that level, but it's an immediate step on creating a cohesive Top Cow Cinematic Universe, in the same vein as what Marvel Studios has accomplished and what DC Entertainment is striving to emulate with their announced Superman/Batman team-up movie.

Casting news and a release date for "The Darkness" remain unknown.

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