'The Walking Dead': 5 Things We Want In Season 4

Walking Dead

by Ryan Rigley

Last week, "The Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman sat down with The Hollywood Reporter for an in-depth interview about the upcoming fourth season of the crazy popular AMC series of the same name. In said interview, Kirkman discusses Michonne's lust for vengeance, the return of the Governor, and the newly-appointed "Walking Dead" showrunner, writer Scott Gimple.

With Gimple now at the forefront of the series, odds are we'll be seeing a lot more scenes from the Walking Dead comic popping up in the "Walking Dead" TV series. After all, Gimple is the first showrunner that was actually a fan of the comic books before production on season one even began. That being said, here are five things from the Walking Dead comic book that we hope to see in season four of "The Walking Dead."

Michonne vs. the Governor

One of the major changes in season three was the way the subject of Governor was handled. In the comics, Michonne actually sneaks back into Woodbury to torture the Governor nearly to death after he physically and mentally abuses her for days on end. Robert Kirkman has stated that season four will feature a side of Michonne that we have yet to see, with her hellbent on destroying the Governor for killing one of her closest friends.


Shortly after being forced from their prison sanctuary, Rick and the gang encounter a group of hunters that turn out to be full-fledged human-eating humans. Considering how shocking season three was, there's only so much left that would come as a surprise to the survivors. Cannibals? That would definitely freak them out.

More Tyrese

Highly underused in the last season, Tyrese was introduced in the "Walking Dead" series as one of the former inmates of the zombie-infested prison. After getting yelled at by a grieving Rick and creeped out by the crazed Governor, Tyrese's gang ended up sitting on the sidelines of the season three conflict. In the comics, however, Tyrese is one of Rick's most trusted allies and even ends up dating Michonne for a while.

Washington, D.C.

In the comics, Rick's gang eventually cross paths with a scientist who claims to be in contact with survivors in Washington D.C. With Eugene, the scientist, and his companions, Rosita and Abraham, in tow, the survivors head all the way to Washington, D.C. only to discover that Eugene was lying the whole time. With the prison now destroyed, D.C. seems like a pretty good alternative for the survivors on "The Walking Dead."

Negan & the Saviors

Debuting in issue #100 of the Walking Dead comic book, the baseball bat-wielding Negan is one of the deadliest and most unpredictable adversaries that Rick's gang has ever encountered. Hell, he might even be worse than the Governor! While everyone involved with the "Walking Dead" series seems pretty adamant about including Negan in future episodes, there's a pretty good chance that we'd meet Negan's gang, the Saviors, long before we're introduced to Negan himself.

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