Vin Diesel And Marvel: Nothing To See Here ... Maybe?

Vin Diesel

Is he Thanos? Is he Vision? Is he … no one?

That last option is a very real possibility when it comes to Vin Diesel and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kevin Feige spoke with Huffington Post about Diesel's supposedly upcoming Marvel role, clearing the air that there's nothing to announce right now — and there might not be anything to announce at all.

"It's so far ahead it may not even exist. So, there's nothing to announce," said Feige. "But, I love Vin and he's an amazing personality. Look how much attention he's gotten for a meeting. He's incredibly shrewd. He's got a Riddick movie that I can't wait to see. And the 'Fast & Furious' franchise, in addition to Vin, is a franchise I admire a lot for turning the sixth and next year the seventh into the biggest and most popular one. As far as a piece of it? Could someday we do a 'Luke Cage: Hero for Hire' in that kind of vein. Totally."

There you have it: no news on the Diesel front, at least not for the next little while, if ever. That update runs counter to Diesel's claims that a big announcement is coming at the end of the month … but we'll see.

Check out the full interview with The Huffington Post for much more from Feige on "Doctor Strange," the Quicksilver situation and beyond.

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