Loki Conquers Comic-Con: Tom Hiddleston Describes The 'Absolutely Amazing' 'Stealth Mission'


Loki of Asgard unburdened his glorious purpose at Comic-Con over the weekend — and you have Kevin Feige to thank for that.

Tom Hiddleston spoke with Hero Complex about appearing onstage as his "Thor: The Dark World" character during the film's Hall H presentation, saying it was all Feige's idea: "He sort of said, 'How about you just come in character and you don't break character at all and you introduce the footage? Give a whole kind of encore to the two films?'"

That's exactly what happened, and the crowd went wild. Hiddleston had a little bit of fun, too.

"It was absolutely amazing," he said. "Loki's kind of been taken to the hearts of the home team. To go out there in costume, adrenaline was coursing through my body in a way that I haven't had in a while."

Hiddleston called it "the biggest gig I've ever played for sure," one that was completely shrouded in secrecy ahead of time.

"It was basically a top-secret stealth mission by Kevin and myself. Nobody else knew about it," he said. "I had to fly in — this is no joke — I flew in to San Diego from London as Jango Fett from the 'Star Wars' films because I knew that if I was seen in San Diego there would be a picture on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook, 'I've just seen Thomas in the San Diego airport, I've just seen him in the hotel. He's obviously here for 'Thor 2.'"

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