'300: Rise Of An Empire': Queen Gorgo And Calisto Get Character Posters

Calisto 300

by Brett White

After remaining relatively mum during the first half of the summer, "300: Rise of an Empire" has started kicking up a fuss lately. On the heels of the Protosamurai character poster from last week comes two more, this time focusing on actual faces and not creepy close-up shots of metal masks.

The first character posters focus on Lena Headey's returning Queen Gorgo, and new character Calisto, played by Jack O'Connell. The images follow the same intense orange and blue color scheme and close-up style of the first poster, which means you can expect to see leading man Sullivan Stapleton looking like this at some point in the near future. But if you're desperate to take a trip to Stapletown, then check out the "300: Rise of an Empire" trailer. An no, I have no regrets about that last sentence.

Check out the full posters below.



"300: Rise of an Empire," directed by Noam Murro, charges into theaters on March 7th, 2014 after being pushed back from it's original release date.

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