'X-Force': Ryan Reynolds Weighs In On Deadpool's Involvement... Kinda?

Deadpool X-Force

by Brett White

Fans have been eagerly waiting for Ryan Reynolds to reprise his role as the popular character Deadpool ever since the character's appearance in 2009's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine." But even with test footage shot, a script ready to go and an eager director, the film just can't get off the ground.

Enter: "X-Force."

The action-oriented X-Team has a much-talked about film in development, with "Kick-Ass 2" writer/director Jeff Wadlow signed on to write it. Deadpool debuted in one of the final issues of the proto-"X-Force" series, "New Mutants," and went on to antagonize the team during their first year of stories. The character finally because a member of one iteration of the team, starting with 2010's "Uncanny X-Force."

Thanks to those ties, it's entirely likely that Deadpool could be a shoe-in for the film. MTV's Josh Horowitz got the chance to ask Ryan Reynolds about his possible role in "X-Force" and got... well, he got a response, definitely. Check it out after the jump.

So... yeah! The film's still in the super early stage of development, so Reynolds has plenty of time to catch up on his reading.

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