'Thor' And 'Captain America' Concept Art Become Comic-Con International Posters

Thor Cap

by Brett White

Remember that way cool Ryan Meindering concept art for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" that Entertainment Weekly unveiled last week? That art is now jumping out of the JPEG world and into our own as a special limited edition promotional poster available only at Comic-Con International in San Diego. It'll be joined by a companion limited edition poster for "Thor: The Dark World" by artist Charlie Wen.

The "Winter Soldier" concept art shows off Steve Rogers battling with the titular antagonist, all while Falcon (portrayed by Anthony Mackie) swoops in overhead. The "Dark World" poster doesn't depict a scene from the film, that is unless Thor gets a bit of amnesia and suddenly has his memories rush back to him, montage style. The Charlie Wen poster features a who's who of Asgardian and Earthly characters, including Loki, Odin, Jane Foster and Malekith.

Marvel has revealed that the posters will be available at the Marvel Booth (#2329) starting during preview night on Wednesday, July 17th.

You can check out full versions of each poster after the jump.



[via Marvel]