'Kick-Ass 2' Filmmaker Jeff Wadlow To Write 'X-Force'


by Brett White

Things just got official for "X-Force," now that "Kick-Ass 2" writer Jeff Wadlow has been attached to the in-development mutant movie. Not to knock the Twitter feed of X-Force co-creator Rob Liefeld or the blog reports of domain name purchases, but the Hollywood Reporter's just a little bit bigger, as far as news sources go, and they've got the scoop.

And Wadlow could be tapped to do more than just write "X-Force"; he could end up pulling double duty on the film and directing it, much like he's doing with "Kick-Ass 2." Given "Kick-Ass 2's" hard-R content and sytlistic violence, Wadlow seems like the perfect choice to bring the black ops mutant squad to the big screen. The only other option that would even come close to making sense is the "Fast" franchise's Justin Lin, and that's just this particular lifeflong X-Force fan's personal opinion.

The Hollywood Reporter article sums up X-Force's comic book origins nicely, stating, "The original line-up of the team was made up of several characters from the first Uncanny X-Men spin-off, The New Mutants, teens who had matured into young adults. But also among the line up was Cable, a militant leader from the future who is related to X-Men heroes Cyclops and Jean Grey. His body is enhanced by robotic parts and he has some telekinetic powers as well."

Apologies for the cut-and-paste, I just like it when big news websites get X-Force details right. Although to nitpick, Cable is really the son of Jean Grey's clone Madelyne Pryor, but related is not an inaccurate description of their connection. I'll let it slide.

There's still no information as to what mutants will make it into "X-Force," and what the film means for the long floundering "Deadpool" feature film with Ryan Reynolds. "Deadpool" has stalled with Fox due to the script's mature nature, so sneaking a more accurate version of the character in with an other ensemble could go a long way towards erasing the character's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" fiasco.

There's a lot to be cautious about anytime your favorite comic book gets turned into a feature film, but Wadlow seems like the right choice. Everyone can adjust their expectations after "Kick-Ass 2" opens on August 16th.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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