'X-Force': Retro Casting Call


by Brett White

With all of the hubbub surrounding "X-Force" and the possibility of an expanded X-Men Cinematic Universe being announced at San Diego Comic-Con, thoughts are naturally turning towards figuring out just who will be in the film, and which actors will enlist in the mutant militia.

As an X-Force fan from way back, I can honestly say that these thoughts have been on my mind for a long time. How long? Well, since 1999, which was when I decided to - at the age of 15 - use my Windows 95 skills to create a comprehensive X-Force magazine / compendium. I catalogued every issue to date, counted how many time bombs Meltdown threw, and wrote extensive biographies for every team member - with citations. I also cast an X-Force feature film, comprised of the best and brightest stars of the day.

Here, after sitting on a floppy disk for fourteen years, is a small portion of the cast of "X-Force: 1999."


George Clooney as Cable & Stryfe

Listen, I still think this casting is a good fit. Yeah, you could go for a big muscular dude for this role, but that would only play into Nathan Summers' physical presence. You can't overlook the fact that this guy is supposed to be cocky, distant, inspiring, intense and super cool all at the same time. Teenage me knew that to be true, and adult me knows that to be true. And yeah, where there's Cable, there might as well be his evil "twin" Stryfe. Don't ask why "twin" is in quotes, it's way too confusing to get into here.


Carrie-Anne Moss as Domino

I don't know if the Wachowskis read Marvel Comics, but as soon as I saw Moss as Trinity in "The Matrix," I knew she had to be Domino. Look at the two of them! They're almost identical! And they both are experts at hand-to-hand combat and using firearms. While I have other ideas for who should play Domino nowadays, Carrie-Anne was a solid choice back in 1999.


Casey Affleck as Sunspot

And here's where things get dicey. Listen. I was 15. I had never heard of "whitewashing" and I didn't see a problem casting one of the Afflecks as the Brazilian Sunspot. And while there isn't a lot of consistency in the comics as to Sunspot's racial makeup, he's definitely not white. But back in 1999, I just pulled out a copy of Entertainment Weekly and looked for any teenage actors with dark hair. There's a reason I didn't go into casting.


Laura Prepon as Siryn

Right? I mean, you can't deny that they both have red hair. Prepon was a lock! The actress also played a cool and confident character on "That '70s Show," which I think is essential to bringing the sometimes deputy leader of X-Force to life. Now, whether or not Prepon could nail an Irish accent remains to be seen, unless there was a St. Patrick's Day themed ep of "That '70s Show" that I missed.


Michelle Williams as Meltdown

Ah, Tabitha Smith, the X-Man of many names. In 1999, the mutant formerly known as Boom Boom and Boomer was going by Meltdown, and had just undergone a punk makeover. If I had cast this role just five years earlier, odds are it would have gone to Lori Petty of "Tank Girl" fame, but in 1999, I thought this "Dawson's Creek" star was perfect for the part. Williams has gone on to great success, earning three Academy Award nominations. If there's one thing I know, it's that an "X-Force" movie needs to have some Oscar noms in its cast.


Greg Germann as Wildside

If you thought you were going to read an article about 1999 celebs and not get an actor from "Ally McBeal," then you thought wrong. I have no explanation for this one, or even why I thought this C-List bad guy from the Mutant Liberation Front was worth including in a casting call, but it still stands as the most time capsule-iest of all of these castings. And yep, I did watch "Ally McBeal" in high school, in between working on chapters in my giant "X-Force" fact book. I swear I had friends.

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