'300: Rise Of An Empire': 'Fear' This New Poster!


by Brett White

It's been a while since we last heard from "300: Rise of an Empire," not since the film's first full-length, ultra-"300"-y trailer debuted. But just to keep the delayed film on our minds while we anxiously await it's new 2014 release date, Warner Bros. Pictures has released another theatrical poster for the sequel.

The poster shows off a stylized - not to mention intimidating - mask with the phrase "FEAR US!" stamped next to it. Listen, "300: Rise of an Empire" poster, if you keep shoving that mask in my face, yeah, I'll fear you. It's a creepy mask.

Check out the enlarged poster after the jump!


"300: Rise of an Empire" slashes its way into theaters on March 7th, 2014. If these masks aren't released as a promotional item between now and then, then there's something seriously wrong with the universe.

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