'The Wolverine' Minimates: Carry A Ninja In Your Pocket!

Wolverine Minimates

by Brett White

Diamond Select Toys gives pretty much every big comic book movie the Minimates treatment, so "The Wolverine" getting a line of teeny tiny berserkers is not a surprise. And judging by the fantastic quality toys Diamond continually puts out, it's also not surprising just how rad they are.

The new mutant movie finds Logan in a totally new surrounding and in the middle of an expansive cast of new characters. The Minimates line captures the nuanced looks of new characters like Yukio and Viper perfectly. The Urban Yukio figure is definitely the stand out for me, with her striped sleeves and cocky smile. I'm telling you, that girl's the breakout character for sure.

Comic Book Movie has a few great shots of the Minimates running amok, as well as a rundown of the full lineup of figures. In addition to the ones up top, which are available at comic book stores and specialty shops, Toys "R" Us will carry the figures below.


In addition to recreating pretty much every look we've seen Wolverine sport in the film's various trailers, characters like Mariko, Harada and Shingen also get figures. But there are a few noticeable absences among these two lineups: Silver Samurai and Viper in her green costume. The Silver Samurai definitely seems like a character destined to have a fantastic Minimate, and it'd be a shame if it didn't happen.

Fingers crossed for Wave 2....

[via Comic Book Movie]

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