'Amazing Spider-Man 2': See New Sides Of Peter Parker And Electro


by Brett White

To think we went months relying solely on TwitPics and unofficial photos to get us hyped up about "The Amazing Spider-Man 2." Now, thanks to Entertainment Weekly's new Comic-Con issue, we have more "ASM2" photos than we know what to do with! Actually, we know exactly what to do with them: write blog posts about them.

Three new images from EW have appeared thanks to ComingSoon.net, and they show off never-before-seen things like Peter Parker's bedroom (messy!) and the other side of Jamie Foxx's Electro-fied head (weird pager looking thing...?). The Electro image is especially revealing as it definitely adds one more point to our previous dissection of Electro's new look. Check out the new photos after the jump!




So yeah, what's up with that little control panel? If it relieves headaches or plays tunes, then sign me up for one. Odds are it has something to do with the bad guy's electricity output... or maybe it really is a pager and Max Dillon is also an expectant father from 1994?

[via ComingSoon.net]

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