'Arrow' Adds Summer Glau In Recurring Role

Summer Glau

by Ryan Rigley

As if we didn't already have enough reason to love "Arrow," TVline has just announced that Whedon-alumna Summer Glau has signed on to the CW series' second season in a recurring role opposite Oliver Queen. Best known for her work on Whedon's "Firefly," "Serenity," and the short-lived "Terminator" series, Glau will be playing a big new antagonist in Starling City named Isabel Rochev.

While the character has not yet made a physical appearance in the world of "Arrow," her name can be seen in a quick shot of Robert Queen's infamous list during the events of season one. Isabel Rochev has also appeared in the DC comic book universe as one of the Green Arrow's more recent rivals. Click past the jump for more on Glau's new role!

According to the DC comic book universe, Isabel Rochev hails from a small village in Siberia where she was born into a life of slavery and servitude. Spending day-in and day-out working in a diamond mine, Isabel's life would completely change when Robert Queen pays her village a visit. Almost instantly, the lowly slave girl is enthralled with the head of Queen Industries, viewing him as the symbol of inner power.

Years later, after Robert's death, Isabel arrives in Star City as the new CEO of Queen Industries having bought up a large share in the company via smaller companies that she also owns. Isabel is quite eccentric to say the least, believing herself to be the true heir to the Queen company and also Robert Queen's one true love. She will stop at nothing to reclaim the Queen family name for herself, with Oliver Queen dead by any means necessary.

As TVline reports, Glau's portrayal of Isabel Rochev will more than likely be a little different than her comic book counterpart. In the world of "Arrow," Isabel will be seen as the Vice President of Acquisitions for Queen Consolidated rival Stellmoor International. No word yet on whether or not Glau's version of Isabel Rochev will be sporting the character's trademark blonde hair and black mask, but we'll be keeping our fingers crossed!

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