'Oldboy' Red Band Trailer Packed With NSFW Moments


by Brett White

This has been a big week for Spike Lee's manga adaptation "Oldboy." First the film released its stunning first poster, and now it has an extremely NSFW Red Band trailer that pretty much holds nothing back.

Fans of the original manga or the 2003 South Korean film should note that this film looks to be faithful to the source material, right down to the protagonist's weapon of choice. Due to the high-levels of holy-crap-they-showed-that violence, the trailer has been hidden after the jump. Take it, if you dare!

Imprisoned for 20 years

Businessman Joseph Doucett (played by Josh Brolin) is inexplicably kidnapped and kept in what looks like a fairly nice hotel room (that is until Doucett starts leaving his blood all over the place) for twenty years. That represents one minor change from the manga, where the stay was a decade, and the 2003 film, where it was fifteen years. The trailer shows many big events from the past two decades, including a few that deserve both trigger and NSFW warnings. Then, in 2013, Doucett is mysteriously released.

Training days... or decades

During his imprisonment, Doucett learns that his wife has been murdered and the death has been pinned on him. The prisoner, not getting any answers from his mysterious captors, focuses his rage on training himself to fight. This includes punching walls and, yeah, even more blood.

Poster brought to life

The most interesting thing about the almost surreal poster released earlier this week is that it's actually a shot from the film. In this trailer, we get to see bits of the scene that unfolds before and after the poster shot, with Doucett being released from captivity via a trunk in an open field. This differs from the previous film, where the captive was released on a rooftop. This field makes for a pretty striking visual, though, so the change seems like a solid choice.

Nothing separates a man and his hammer

2003's "Oldboy" became known for an impressive and extensive fight scene between ex-captive Dae-Su and a hallway full of armed henchman, all done in one long tracking shot. Dae-Su had a hammer, and man oh man did he swing it. Brolin's character picks up the weapon in this trailer and puts it to similarly bloody effects in one moment that I'd say is the most NSFW moment in the whole trailer. I mean, yikes. Any worries that the Americanized "Oldboy" would pull its punches should be gone.

Cut along the lines

The final shot of the trailer may be bloodless, but it's no less harrowing. Samuel L. Jackson gets strapped to a table by Brolin, who is on a tear trying to solve the mystery of his imprisonment and find his kidnapped daughter. Brolin then draws dotted lines along Jackson's neck, proving that he's kind of a newbie when it comes to decapitations. He's not a newbie at other forms of head trauma, as the proven in the previous point.

"Oldboy" hits theaters on October 25th.

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