'Amazing Spider-Man 2': Dissecting Electro's Shocking New Look

Spider-Man Electro

by Brett White

Yeah, director Marc Webb gave us plenty of TwitPics during "The Amazing Spider-Man 2's" New York filming, but we've been hungry for a real look at Spidey major new foe for months. Now, thanks to Entertainment Weekly's Comic-Con coverage, we have just that.

The "Amazing Spider-Man 2" cover (because yeah, there are a few different Comic-Con covers) shows off Jamie Foxx's finalized Electro makeup and even a little bit of his supervillain duds as well. You know what this means? It's time to unleash my geek instincts — appropriately called geekstincts — all over this cover. Let's dissect it!


Lightning in his veins

Electro may not be sporting his signature headgear in the film, but he still manages to have lightning bolts all over his noggin. Except this time, those lightning bolts are actually pronounced veins that light up with electricity. I gotta say, that's a pretty cool idea and a subtle way of acknowledging the character's comic book roots. Because as awesome as Max Dillon's old mask is, it would not be intimidating in the slightest. So instead, we get what's seen above and not what's seen below.


Sponsored by Gatorade?

Thankfully Electro wears something other than a hoodie during the course of the film, but did anyone expect him to get such a custom made uniform? I mean, it has a lightning bolt on it. There's no way this suit was meant for anyone else other than Electro, unless he actually is sponsored by Gatorade. This either means that Electro has even better sewing skills than Peter Parker, or he'll be getting a bit of help from someone with the financial means to provide a special suit. Could that be... Norman Osborn?


Whatever accident causes Max Dillon's transformation into Electro left him both supercharged and scarred. In the profile shot on EW's cover, it's clear that the villain's ears have been seriously mangled. Now here's where I could do a Google image search to see if this is an accurate representation of what happens to ears following intense electrocutions, but I just don't feel ready to do that. Ever. There are some search results that I just don't need to see. Feel free to report your findings - with words, not pictures - in the comments below or on Twitter!

No green to be seen

For some reason, Electro's always been synonymous with green and yellow. While yellow makes a little bit of sense, as cartoon depictions of lightning have always been that color, green's always been a curious choice. Instead of going for the overly comical color, this version of Electro has gone totally blue. In addition to his purplish-blue head, his body suit is a mixture of dark blue and black. Those dark colors contrast nicely with his illuminated skin.

Ultimate Electro

Fans apoplectic about the movie straying from the comic books should take comfort knowing that this version of Electro bears more than a passing resemblance to the character's Ultimate Comics counterpart.


Both are bald and both wield blue energy as opposed to yellow. Of course Jamie Foxx's Electro actually wears clothing, meaning that Ultimate Universe fans could be angry for entirely different reasons. But hey, there's no way this movie was going to go for the naked blue energy being angle, since "Watchmen" already cornered that market.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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