Two New 'Wolverine' Featurettes Show Yukio And Harada In Action

by Brett White

Everyone knows Wolverine is going to kick major ass in his next solo film, as evidenced by the train fight and funeral fight clips that have already been released. But Hugh Jackman's Logan won't be the only one throwing down in "The Wolverine." As evidenced by two new featurettes, Rila Fukushima's Yukio and Will Yun Lee's Harada are two people you shouldn't mess with.

The first featurette comes courtesy of IGN and shows never before seen footage featuring Yukio, a character that seems destined to be the breakout star of the film (similar to Faora in "Man of Steel").

"Physically, her abilities are amazing," says Jackman in the clip. "She's going to really excite people when they see her."

The Harada featurette was posted by Total Film and shows off the non-Silver Samurai portion of Kenuichio Harada's life. That portion apparently contains a lot of bow and arrow action with a good dose of parkour mixed in.

Since both Harada and his alter-ego - the Silver Samurai - got character posters, it would make sense to expect a separate featurette dedicated to the massive armor at a later date.

"The Wolverine" opens on July 26th, a date that can't get here fast enough as far as I'm concerned.

[via IGN and Total Film]

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