Captain America Gets Gritty In 'The Winter Soldier' Teaser Poster

Captain America teaser poster

by Brett White

Can you feel it? Can you feel San Diego Comic-Con coming? If you couldn't, then this new teaser poster for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" has surely sent the Comic-Con shiver down your spine. The Marvel movie has a panel at the show on July 20th, where they'll probably reveal things about the film that will put this teaser poster to shame. There's even a possibility that the short film starring Cap's old war buddy Peggy Carter could be screened for attendees.

But right now we have a teaser poster, and it's only the second official image we've seen from next year's sequel. The first image showed Steve Rogers caught between two shields - his own and the international peace-keeping force, S.H.I.E.L.D. The teaser poster stays in that same area. Hit the jump to see the full poster!


Pretty gritty, right? It looks like things are going to be rough for Steve in this film... and we can't wait.

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