'Man Of Steel' Trailer Gets Christopher Reeve Makeover In New Mash-Up

by Brett White

Whatever your thoughts on the end product, everyone has to agree that that one specific "Man of Steel" trailer crushes every other superhero trailer to ever exist. Despite being associated with a film that's simultaneously one of the biggest hits of the summer and one of the most divisive films in recent memory, that trailer is still a testament to the emotional punch capable when score, visuals and editing all work in perfect unison.

When such a perfect trailer happens, the internet has to respond with mash-ups (it's YouTube law, or something). So far we've seen a Minecraft version of it, and an animated version, but this latest one trumps them all. YouTube user silverlightsaber has taken footage from the original Superman quadrilogy - starring Christopher Reeve - as well as a few shots from "Superman Returns" to create a trailer that truly provides the best of both worlds. It has Hans Zimmer's powerful score and the classic films' charm and joy.

In my opinion, this mash-up trailer proves that the real champ here is Zimmer's score; it's so powerful that it immediately adds heft and gravitas to incredibly dated special effects shots. I don't care that the rear-projection techniques are hokey; when Reeve's Superman takes flight in this trailer, it hits. Watch this.

[via comicbook.com]

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